If you are familiar with Python, it is strongly suggested that you install Projy in virtualenv.

Pip and Distribute

To install Projy system-wide, just type:

$ sudo pip install projy

If no pip available, try easy_install:

$ sudo easy_install projy

Play the game

If you want to code, hack, enhance or just understand Projy, you can get the latest code at Github:

$ git clone

Then create the local virtualenv and install Projy into it:

$ cd projy && make && ./venv/bin/fab install

There’s also an easy:

$ ./venv/bin/fab reinstall

to reinstall the local version of Projy, for quick testing.

Read the full manual

To build the manual:

$ ./venv/bin/fab build_doc

The HTML pages are then in the projy/docs/_build/html/ directory.